Financial Analyst at Wall Street reveals…

This Ancient Business Model from the Bible Has made more multi-millionaires in history than all business models combined…

When he published this article at first, nobody believed him

But come to think about it

Back in the biblical days, there was no such thing as trading stocks or crypto or social media influencing

But there were so many wealthy and influential men who owned hectares of land, hundreds of thousands of livestock, so much jewelry than they knew what to do with, and servants in numbers that could probably form an army

What could possibly be the source of their wealth?

Even in the present day, we have billionaires with net worths that they can share with everyone on earth and still be among the richest

Coming down to Nigeria, the very same country everyone says people are poor and nobody has money….

This single business model has a market share of $6.6 billion (5.0327 trillion naira) in 2023 and is projected to increase to $10 billion by 2027

“I was way more broke, and my salary was small, and I could not settle my expenses but after starting this business model, I made so much money that even in one transaction, I made up to 70 Million Naira and now I can comfortably afford the luxury life I’ve always dreamed of”

– Nonso, a broke but lucky Nigerian who discovered this business model and went all in on it

What is this business model that can turn broke Nigerians into beasts who are no longer held captive by the shackles of poverty and government policies and are living their best lives?

I’m referring to the simple concept of selling products that a lot of people want to buy

This very simple business model has been historically proven to even make the wealthiest biblical characters you know of who they were

Take Solomon for example.

We all know him to be the wisest biblical character as well as one of the wealthiest kings. But do you know his riches particularly came from trade?

To be more specific, the trade of spices and precious metals with neighboring nations

What about Joseph, the son of Jacob who was sold into slavery and became a governor in Egypt?

Biblical records report he became very rich by selling grains to other nations during the famine

Amazon, Walmart, Jumia, Alaba International Market, and Onitsha Main Market are very familiar names that rose to fame just because of this very simple business model of selling what people want to buy

But does this mean you should go to the market and open your own stall to sell items in order to make money?

Hell No

There’s no need to waste all that time and resources when you can do this from the comfort of your home with just your smartphone and internet connection.

I’m talking about E-commerce

Others call it “using the internet to sell what people want to buy”,

I call it “Buying and Selling on Steroids”


Because with approximately 5 billion people worldwide using the internet each day, the amount of money you can make is limitless.

All you have to do is know what product these people are willing to spend on then show it to them and watch the money rain into your bank account.

Sounds simple, right?

Because it is.

That’s literally all you have to do

Find out what they want to buy and sell it to them.

Heck, you don’t even need to have access to all 5 billion daily internet users.

Just 0.1% of them is more than enough and you’re already printing so much money on autopilot than you know what to do with

To prove that this is actually the breakthrough you’ve been waiting for all this time, check this article published by Forbes

It states that by the end of 2023, the global e-commerce market is expected to reach $6.3 trillion, and 20.8%** of retail purchases are expected to have taken place online before December.

And out of that $6.3 trillion global revenue, $6.6 billion (a whopping roughly 0.1%) is Nigeria’s predicted revenue from e-commerce by the end of 2023

These are real Nigerians pulling these big figures into their accounts.

It’s obvious they know something that the rest of the country’s population doesn’t

Why are they so successful in this business?

Before I say something about this, you might probably be wondering if this business is actually for you

You must have heard of other “simpler and lucrative” business models like affiliate marketing, crypto trading, freelancing, and the rest

But do you really want to go into those ones?

Let me tell you why you don’t

I’ll start with what everyone has been raving about – affiliate marketing (selling other people’s products to earn commission)

Affiliate marketing this … affiliate marketing that …

Nobody will hear word again

But one thing they fail to realize is: “If you lack control over your business, you have not yet started a business”

Affiliate marketers don’t have control over their their business. They have been lured into believing that they do by those influencers on top in order to get more people to buy from them

When you’re selling somebody else’s products on a platform not regulated by you, your business is at risk of crashing

You don’t have any control over the quality of the product you’re selling. You don’t even have control over the availability of the product you’re selling.

What happens when the owner of the product shuts off his supply or in the case of a digital product, chooses not to sell them again?

All your time and resources invested into getting people interested in that product will be wasted

What if the product turns out to be of terrible quality or the owner does one funny scam-related update to the product?

Your good name and everything you’ve worked hard for in the business will immediately die because of something that’s not even your fault. Even if it’s not, I might believe you but the people you have sold the product to might not because they bought it from “YOU” and not the owner.

And because the product is not yours and you’re only receiving commission, the amount of money you can earn has a limit and you can’t scale even if you want to

Even if the owner and his product and heavenly and nothing ever goes wrong (which is very rare and happens only 30% of the time), what about the platform that those products are hosted on?

If you have direct access to the owner and you’re not using any middleman product to get access to the owner’s products, you’re safe.

But what of those who need a middleman or a platform to connect them to the owner’s product? What happens when the owner of such a platform decides to stop doing business or the platform unexpectedly crashes?

What happens to the supply of products you’re selling?

But with eCommerce, you have control over the product and the platform in which you’re selling the product.

You can buy as many products as you want to start with,

you can change the products you’re selling,

you can increase your profit margin,

And you can scale to be a very big business

Do you see why some Nigerians are rushing to start their own e-commerce business?

They understand how these principles work.

With e-commerce, making an average of N650,000 in profit daily is child’s play.

You can make so much more

But what of other business models like freelancing?

These ones are also viable options but it will take you a very very long time before you even make your first income

And this is after you’ve spent so much of your hard-earned money to master the skills needed to be a freelancer and offer your services to people.

If you’re still a beginner in the field that you’re freelancing for, nobody will want to hire you. People only want to work with freelancers who have results (masters in the field)

Come to think of it…

If you’re in need of surgery, who would you like to operate on you?

The surgeon who has been successfully operating on people for 30 years or the new guy who graduated from medicine school last month?

The same applies to clients that hire freelancers. They only want to hire “the best”…not the beginners hence you need to spend a lot of money to learn and practice till you become “the best”.

In e-commerce, you don’t need all that. You just have to sell the physical products that people want to them.

When you go to the tech store to buy a new phone, do you care about the skills of the person selling the phone to you or do you care about getting the best phone?

The same thing applies when you sell physical products to people, they don’t care about your education or the skills you have. They only care about what the physical product you’re selling to them does for them.

What about crypto and forex trading? It’s 200x riskier than e-commerce

It means you have a 200% chance of losing the capital you have and a 200% chance of making it big with e-commerce much faster than with trading crypto or forex

And it will take much more time than you actually have to learn how to trade in the financial markets to become an experienced trader to make good money from trading

What next?

Online Survey?

What’s that?

Online surveys are so dead nobody even remembers they even existed.

But with all these great things about e-commerce, there are still people who fail and lose so much money at it

Why? You might be asking…

Simply because they didn’t learn how to do it properly from someone who’s already experienced in e-commerce and has tremendous results

Remember I said e-commerce is selling what people want?

How do you know what they want? How are you sure the product you have is actually what they want?

How do you actually reach out to the 0.1% of daily internet users worldwide who are waiting to buy what they want online?

How do you make your customers so loyal to you that they will keep coming back for more?

You need to know the right answer to all these questions to be profitable in your business

and that’s where Bisi Akintayo comes in…

Bisi Akintayo is the person everybody wants to learn e-commerce from and with mind-blowing testimonials from over 400+ of her students, she teaches the real deal.

But who is she?

Bisi Akintayo is a speaker, serial entrepreneur, business coach, author, and an alumnus of the Enterprise Development Centre, pan-Atlantic University.

She is a member of the Board of Directors of Gtext Group, a multi-million dollar conglomerate whose services cut across Real Estate and Global Empowerment. She is the Business and Brand Consultant for Gtext Group.

She started her E-commerce business with as little as 20,000 Naira and has grown it into Millions in Monthly income. Now, she teaches people worldwide how to make money online through e-commerce and digital marketing

She has consulted for over 10,000 persons in the e-commerce business and they earn 6 – 7 figures monthly.

Even one of her top mentees (can’t reveal her name because she asked to remain anonymous) closed 2021 with $125,600 (approximately 90 million naira) in annual revenue

Her goal is to have consulted for a minimum of 1,000,000 people by 2035 and help alleviate poverty in her society. Furthermore, Bisi Akintayo also has a vision to empower stay-at-home moms so as to enable them to create a source of income for their families.

Let me spell it to you slowly and as nice as possible:

*You are missing the opportunity of a lifetime if you do not grab the chance to learn from her*

To cut the long story short,

Her coaching works…

But don’t worry much

A chance to learn from her is finally here…

In a few moments, I will let you know how you can seize this opportunity for yourself

I should first let you know that the amount of people she can take in to coach is greatly limited by one seriously constraining factor:

Her time.

Her coaching programs are always in demand

It’s not some marketing gimmick

It’s the damn truth

Not only does she have people from all across Africa and the rest of the world flooding her Instagram DM to learn from her

but she always has board meetings with the Gtext group and private consultations with companies that pay thousands of dollars per hour of her time

So I’m not joking when I say the spots for this new coaching program she opened up are extremely limited

Here’s a breakdown of what you will be learning from this edition of Bisi Akintayo’s masterclass:

Bisi Akintayo Ecommerce Masterclass #1:
Setting You Up for Success (worth N500,000)

Here, you’ll be given an extremely comprehensive guide to starting your very own e-commerce business with minimal or no capital investment (believe it or not, it’s possible, and 400+ of her students who have become millionaires from her coaching can testify)

Bisi Akintayo Ecommerce Masterclass #2:
Branding Your Business (Worth N75,000)

Here, you’ll be learning how to create a strong and recognizable brand for your business.

I mean how do you expect to sell if you don’t have a notable brand that people will love to be loyal to and buy from all the time.

Jumia is a trusted brand everybody buys from. Even Market Square, ShopRite, and Amazon are all trusted brands people buy from

Bisi Akintayo Ecommerce Masterclass #3:
Shipping (Worth N50,000)

This is where most Nigerians who don’t invest in learning from an experienced e-commerce business owner lose all their money.

YouTube will never teach you the best and fastest way to do it but the experience of someone who’s been in the business for more than 6 years will.

Bisi Akintayo Ecommerce Masterclass #4:
Marketing, Sales, and $$$ (Worth N300,000)

What’s the point of starting a business if you don’t also learn how to market your products and make money?

This section is where the meaty and juicy part of the masterclass is

You’ll learn:

Bisi Akintayo Ecommerce Masterclass #5:
Content Creation and Structure (N120,000)

Don’t worry. 

You won’t have to spend hours creating content

But that’s not all…

A recap of everything you’re getting when you sign up for the Ecom Masterclass Today

  • Ecom Masterclass Components = Value
  • Setting You Up for Success = N500,000
  • Branding = N75,000
  • Shipping = N50,000
  • Marketing, Sales and $$$ = N300,000
  • Content Creation and Structure = N120,000

TOTAL = N1,045,500

Consider how one of her students make $10k monthly


What would you do if you earned just a fraction of that?

Your investment in the Ecom Masterclass will pay for itself in just 90 days or less

Today, you won’t be paying anywhere close to N1,045,500 for this masterclass.

You’re not going to pay N800,000

You’re not even going to pay N500,000

For just today, you’re going to get it at the lowest rate you’ll ever see her coaching program at (it will very likely increase in a couple of days).

But before I tell you the price, you should know that it’s going to be a 2-day training to teach you how to make the kind of money that will blow up your account through e-commerce.

It will be held on the 27th and 28th of October 2023

Day 1 (27th October) will be online on Zoom.

But Day 2 will be a physical coaching at Eko Hotel and Suites.

Yup, you heard me right.

The famous Eko Hotels on Victoria Island, Lagos.

That is where Day 2 of the E-commerce masterclass will be held

It’s no joke

You will also be getting the opportunity to network with high net worth personalities at the venue.

So about the price…

All you’ll be paying to join the community of millionaire e-commerce business owners is just N200,000

Most of her mentees will see this and get angry because they paid more than $ 5,000 for just 45 minutes of her time.

But you’re paying just N200,000 for 2 full days with Bisi Akintayo.

And that’s not even the final amount you’ll pay to access the masterclass.

From now till October 21st, you have the privilege of paying just N65,000 only.


So are you ready?

Are you ready for a life-changing upgrade to your financial status?

If You’re Interested In Grabbing A Coveted Spot In The E-commerce Masterclass…

Here’s What I Recommend You Do…

She is taking sign-ups right now.

As in today.

I have no clue how much longer sign-ups will be open.

When she feels like she has enough students and that her time is filled up, this page will taken down.

That could literally be any second, depending on when you see this.

So if you’re ready to get started…

Here’s what you can do next.

Click the button below,

Put in your correct details so you can be contacted

Then make your payment to sign up for the masterclass

Once she’s gotten to the number she wants, she’ll send more information to those who successfully signed up for the masterclass

If you don’t get in, please don’t take it personally.

I truly do wish you the best but she just can’t take everybody.

So without further ado, go ahead and click the button below to apply for The Ecommerce Masterclass today.

Best of luck.

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Training will start on the 27th and 28th of October 2023

Training holds virtually via zoom

Day1 online
Day 2 online and Physical attendance

Day 2 attendance is at

Venue: Eko Hotel and Suites

 Training cost is (N200,000)  (N65,000).


We unfortunately do not accept installments for any of our trainings