Mindset Of The Rich Versus Mindset Of The Poor

Money is first a Function of the Mind .If you can not Conceive it then you can’t receive it physically in your hands.Wealth Creation Starts from the mind.It is easier to make your 1st 1 million dollars if you can conceive it and work towards it.■ The Poor Man believes and blame Everyone around him especially his children as the reason for not driving his dream car or living in his dream house.You know as kids my dad would repeat this to me and my siblings several times saying he would have been driving the best cars in town if not for us.Sometimes I jokingly say to myself why have 7 children if they will derive you of living your dream house.🤓While The Rich believe his Children and the Society are his Major drive to want to become Successful and this hunger helps him succeed Faster .■ The Rich love to take Risk and they go into a Business when others feel they shouldn’t.Some they win and some they lose yet they take another Risk .They see ahead of others while the poor takes calculated risk or no risk at all.For instance Bitcoin ; the Rich invested when the rates were low and a lot of people never saw potential in it.And some saved their money in Bitcoin which made Ellon Musk The Richest man in the world today.

Once the Rich Fail in a business they accept and embrace Failure because they believe it is their stepping stone to success while the poor believes once they fail once or twice in a business then it must be a bad business and they chicken out.Say this 10 Times DailyFAILURE WILL NEVER OVERTAKE ME IF MY DETERMINATION TO SUCCEED IS STRONG ENOUGHOne of my Mentor’s would say Failure is the Food of Champions.■ The Rich believe in the law of seed time and harvest.They give businesses time to grow while the poor do not believe in delayed gratification .They want to plant today and harvest tomorrow that’s the reason why most people who are victims of ponzi schemes are the poor.Check 5-10 Successful businessmen or women they have been in that same business model for minimum 5 years.■ The Subject of Financial Education was not taught in School .We were only taught how to work for money all the days of our life and never how to make money work for us.You find a man working at a job he despises so much Majorly because of his daily needs which at the end of the day never ends but keeps increasing.If you are currently at a paid employement my advice is don’t quit that job until your other sources of income is enough to pay your basic needs .Except you have a rugged mindset of the Rich.The poor are Wired to go to schools and Get Jobs while the Rich learn how to create jobs.

The poor believes the love of money is the root of all evils but to me I don’t believe in this assertion .Yes people do terrible things because of money but the fact that I love Electricity or water and it kills doesn’t mean I shouldn’t use it.What I am trying to say here is some people don’t want to become Successful because they believe having money will lead to them changing who they are and become super religious when the issue of money is discussed.But God wants us to prosper and not die as a pauper.Which Mentality would you prefer The Rich or The poor ?

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